Does Your Work Require a Lot of Back Bending?

Back pain is an extreme nuisance when trying to get work done. Not only is it painful, but once your back goes out, you may have to miss not one, but a few days of work in order for it to heal properly. The risk of a hurt back increases drastically if your job requires some back bending.

Jobs such as plumbers, construction workers, truck drivers, mechanics, landscapers, and preschool through elementary teachers all too often experience heightened back pain as a result from their careers. We all know a receiving paycheck is nice, but receiving back pain is a burden that no one wishes to receive.

back bending

back bending

What precautions can I take in order to take prevent back pain on the job?

1. Don’t over exert yourself.

Your body will tell you when your backs had enough. It’s important to understand your backs limits. For example, let’s pretend you are a preschool teacher and are bending over to help the young children at work. After a while, you feel a strain in your back and an overall sense of discomfort. Stop what you are doing and take a five minute break. You can do this by pausing the classroom and allowing the children to free-play for a few minutes or by playing a short video.

During this pause, find a position that’s comfortable for your back to allow it rest. Perhaps even you may feel more comfortable taking a small walk around the room, or even stretch. Do what feels best for you. Afterwords, you may go back to bending. Taking small breaks will work to assist lumbar pain in any career field.

2. Use Posture Correctors

Back bending jobs do not require much room for assisting with posture. For example, a car mechanic frequently partakes in odd or uncomfortable positions. This does not allow for the spine to fall straight very often. When one has poor posture, extra pressure is exerted onto the lumbar. Wearing an external posture brace will allow for a healthier and stronger posture. Most posture correctors are wearable and allow extra support to your back, shoulders, and neck.

This helps to keep an aligned posture while alleviating back pain. Better yet, these braces are fairly inexpensive and can be worn on the job. People often opt to wear them under their clothes, resulting in the brace not being noticeable to the public eye.

Some recommended posture correctors:

– StabilityAce Posture Correctors

StabilityAce Posture Correctors

StabilityAce Posture Correctors

StabilityAce is a popular brand when purchasing a posture corrector. By offering braces to both men and women and for lower and upper back support, you are sure to find the brace that suits your needs best. The braces are highly rated and are known for their comfort and durability.

– Camp Ben Posture Corrector

Camp Ben Posture Corrector

Camp Ben Posture Corrector

Camp Ben is another high rated brand that specializes in posture support. A notable aspect of the brand is its many variations of support. The brand offers many options for customization from color options to types of support.

– Toros-Group Posture Corrector

Toros-Group Posture Corrector

Toros-Group Posture Corrector

This brand of posture correctors are known for their high comfort and effectiveness. Many report progress while wearing the Toros-Group posture corrector, and reviews nicely in comparison to other brands.

3. Take care of your back outside of work.

A vital way to keep your back in check on the job, is to nurture it outside the job as well. Living a healthy lifestyle will work wonders for your back and over-all health. Consuming vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin b, c, and e will support back health. For example, foods like oranges, kale, and berries will assist you in the consumption of natural vitamins.

Another way to help your back pain is to take on a gentle sport or yoga. Many even choose to do lumbar supporting workouts. After all, the stronger your back becomes, the more work it can handle.

In conclusion, while many jobs require back-bending that leads to pain, hope is not lost. There are many ways to alleviate and possibly prevent the pain all-together. These include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding over-exertion, and wearing back supporters such as posture correctors.

By following these few tips, your performance at work will sky-rocket with your new pain-free back.

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