Gaggia Anima Prestige Super Automatic Coffee Machine | Super Automatic & Multi-Functional Espresso Maker

The top-of-the-line Gaggia Anima Prestige is a super-automatic espresso maker, one-touch espresso, and milk frothing functions. The coffee machine accomplishes these tasks in seconds without leaving any mess behind. The Gaggia packs a variety of high-end features in an aerodynamic design enveloped in a gloss brushed stainless steel finish.

Italian tradition adds a spin to the modern conception of a sleek metallic front paneling, and a glittering LED display. With the extra customization features, it gives a more controllable coffee brewing experience. The machine comes with a durable and elegant construction with a broad scope of automatic functions. An intuitive push-button adjusts temperature, flavor, and volume precisely to your preferences.

Gaggia Anima Prestige Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Gaggia Anima Prestige Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Salient Features

Spacious Water Reservoir and Coffee Hopper

For trouble-free maintenance, the Gaggia’s variable and removable brewing group allow thorough cleaning. It has an impressive holding capacity of 8 ounces of water and 60 oz of beans, which minimizes the cycles of refilling. The 24 oz drip tray in the unit harvests water within the coffee machine, the sprouts, and outside sources. The in-house dreg bin can accommodate up to fifteen pucks of washed-out coffee.

Energy Efficiency

The Gaggia’s low-energy (-1 W) standby mode comes into play after one hour of zero activities. It saves power and decreases consumption when you forget to shut it off.

Programmable Brewing Buttons

The Gaggia Anima Prestige automatic drink options work in a straightforward program. The unit offers programmable brewing and frothing styles to customize delicious tasting beverages. The machine provides three adjustable temperature settings, viz. minimum 177.5 �F, Medium 182.9 �F, and Maximum 184.5 �F. For pre-determined brewing processes, you can opt for pre-infusion to hydrate coffee beans before boiling. Settings include data memory to archive pre-wetting at the press of a button.

Innovative-LCD Display with Helpful Alerts

The Gaggia Anima Prestige perks up your coffeehouse by churning out tasty espresso beverages, but the icing on the cake comes from plush LCD. The easy-to-read screen ensconces LED display design throwback of Italian cafés. The Gaggia achieves this by creating a rich crema that strikes a chord with top-class espresso ambiances.

Painless Maintenance

In addition to the seamlessly detachable brew group allows the user to remove the dreg box before emptying. The manufacturer evolved the design to facilitate easy cleaning and boost performance and durability. Also, it offers programmed descaling phases that adjust settings based on water hardness. The machine notifications include a maintenance alert displayed via LCD.

Sleek Design

The Gaggia has a timeless design of brushed metal polish front paneling and slim profile (below 9” wide). It integrates a straightforward and intuitive programming console with four buttons to tweak settings and elicit the fullest flavor of your drinks.


  • Contains the DNA of high-end espresso machines such as programmable functions, and easy-to-operate control panel
  • Superior quality construction gives it a solid feel from durable plastic and stainless steel
  • Allows a variety of espresso brewing and frothing options
  • Renders consistency and super quality drinks at the press of a button


  • The only shortcoming notable is the top-dollar price tag; the Gaggia gobbles dollars in the hundreds.

The Bottom-Line

Overall, the Gaggia Anima Prestige offsets the price with hands-on features for coffee lovers. No cleaning messes or laborious maintenance while it enhances brewing experience with customizable options. The espresso machine makes a top picking for purists seeking to make barista-style coffee tastes.